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Water Culture Gardening
Indoor Hydroponic Growing Chambers


  Growing without soil, has long been recognized as the best indoor gardening method for producing the highest growth in the smallest space. QuickGrow Hydroponic's growing systems utilizes the full potential of this indoor hydroponic technology.

  Q-9 Dual Chamber, 21-Plant System, allows for continual hydroponic gardening production through simultaneous plant propagation, vegetation and flowering and blooming. QuickGrow uses 2 light spectrums, a 6400K 'vegging' light and a 400watt HPS bulb for the most advanced hydroponic equipment, including ventilation, filtering, watering, growing mediums, decks, tubs and pre-programmed timing. Just Add Water & Grow
  Q-17 Single Chamber, 17-Plant System is QuickGrow's Flowering chamber, with all the extras, to be used as a continual flowering chamber, running 12/12 cycles or upgrade for both vegging and flowering any plant.
  VF-10 Single Chamber, 10-Plant System is QuickGrow's featured All-Seasonal growing chamber. The VF-10 chamber simulates any season, to help your plants grow to their maximum potential.
  DC-8 Cloning Chamber, 8-Plant System is QuickGrow's featured All-Seasonal cloning chamber. The DC-9 cloning chamber will simulate 18/6 vegetation cycles, to genetically manipulate your plants to vegetate 12 monthes a year.
  The Flower & Herb Dryer is a perfect addition to help speed up your drying time. Odor-free and durable, the Flower & Herb dryer is a perfect accessory for the growing enthusiast.
  High Quality Nutrients are essential for any indoor or outdoor gardner. Make sure to check out our high quality nutrients for all your growing needs!

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