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Hydroponic System - Model AS-17

"The Ultimate Indoor GreenHouse"
"Self-contained Home Hydroponic Systems"
"Maximize your plant 'Vegging and Flowering' potential."
"Organic Yields, Low Power Usage, Low Noise, Cost Efficient."

  QuickGrow Hydroponics model AS-17 indoor hydroponic gardening system is the 'Ultimate' self contained growing chamber. The benefits of being able to use both high pressure sodium (HPS) or 'full spectrum', cost efficient vegetative compact florescent light (CFL), takes hydroponic gardening to a new level. Indoor growing with our high-tech hydroponics system enable new or experienced gardeners to be 'homegrown' vegetation and flowering specialist's.

No need to move your plants, just change the lamp!

  "Our model AS-17 uses the most advanced hydroponic equipment and components for aeroponics, ventilation, filtering, watering, ergonomics, timing, and CO2 en-richment. The result is a state of the art system that requires little maintenance or indoor growing expertise with minimal space use.

  By putting your new cuttings into the 17 - 3.5-inch baskets, you can simply flower your plants with our pre-programmed flowing cycle, which is accomplished with the 400W High Pressure Sodium (HPS), lamp which will complete your plant's flowering or fruit and vegetable cycles. TWO (2) 6400K CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights), can be used in early stages of root development, propagation and vegetation, simply change over to the HPS bulb.

  Both lamps work from the same control panel for plant vegetation, flowering to complete your plants full genetic cycle all within our AS-17 single growing chamber.

Single Chamber Vegging & Blooming System Features:
-Sturdy one piece, sealed cabinet.
-No light gets out, no rust or rot, no rivets will tearing or welds breaking.
-Quality heavy duty three inch casters, with brakes, making unit easy to move.
-Durable water pump, 100 gallons per hour.
-2" Rockwool cubes, enough suppilies for three complete cycles.
-Hydroton stone, which is a porous rock used to support the plants root system.
-3.5-inch mesh baskets for 17 evenly spaced, healthy plants.
-Our chamber's are lined with white Aluminum to re-direct and maximize reflected light.
-Long lasting Elite air pump, used to re-oxygenate your water, inducing healthier plants.
-A 15 gallon tub/reservoir with growing deck, irragtion lines, drippers and discharge systems are standard.
-Reliable digital timer PLC (Pro Logic Controller) for ease of use.
-Powerful exhaust fan 4 inch, 105 cubic foot per minute.
-Remarkable 400 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp.
-Low power consumption, only 4.5 amps at 120 volt.
-Two (2) 6400K CFL vegetation lights.
-Optional Coco Carbon Filter for odor removal.
-Optional Starter Nutrient Package.
-Optional CO2 injection for growth boost.


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AS-17 Single Chamber Front View

Low Noise.
Maximum Yields.
Compact Size.
Low Power Usage.
Cost Efficient.
60 Day Cycles.
Seed To Bloom.
5 Year Warranty*
Lockable & Secure.
The Ultimate Indoor Gardening!

AS-17 Single Chamber View

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