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Bring Mother nature indoors with a QickGrow Canada high-tech hydroponic grow chamber.

QuickGrow Hydroponics

  Our high-tech hydroponic systems lead the industry in not only design and construction, but also in the most important area, yield or volume.

  Growing without soil and without mess - has long been recognized as the best method for producing the highest growth in the smallest space. QuickGrow realizes the full potential of this hydroponic gardening 'Seed To Bloom' technology.

  QuickGrow Hydroponics "Q-9" 21 plant dual chamber indoor greenhouse system, allows for continual production through simultaneous plant propagation, vegetation and blooming. QuickGrow Hydroponics growing chambers use the most advanced hydroponic equipment and components for ventilation, aeroponics, filtering, watering, ergonomics and timing.

  The result is state-of-the-art easy-to-use indoor gardening systems.

  We do not view our growing chambers as a tool to assist you with your hobby, but as an investment in your homegrown hydroponic growing success. We do not view your investment as a simple purchase, but as the beginning of a long-term relationship.

  We are here to assist you with your growing needs long after you take delivery.

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Dual Chamber
21 Plant
'Seed To Bloom' Cycles
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Flowering Chamber
17 Plant
12/12 Flowering Cycles

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