The 'Best & Safest' Indoor Hydroponic Growing Chambers
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Dual Chamber &Single Growing Chamber Design Features:


    -Modular design is easy to ship and assemble
    -Control panel for lighting, fans and CO2 injection system
    -Activated coco carbon filter for odor elimination (optional)
    -All electrical components are pre-assembled and quality tested
    -Heavy duty self levelling casters are used for improved chamber use
    -Unique Flex-Form exterior shell is durable and easy to clean
    -Custom thermoformed twin chamber reservoir controls nutrient delivery
    -Foylon reflective interior maximizes luminescence to 99% light reflectivity
    -Includes multipule separate self-contained chambers (propagation, vegetation and flowering)
    -Completely automated hydroponic watering and nutrition system, feeding each plant individually and boosting oxygen
    - increasing growth without plant-withering heat
    - Uses fluorescent lighting scientifically designed for indoor horticulture
    - More economical to run and maintain than traditional indoor gardening.
    - QuickGrowCanada's lamps last longer with replacement costs one-fifth of a HID lamp
    - Our lamps surpass HID lamps with a higher Kelvin (K) rating and a higher color-rendering index (CRI)**
    - Lamps produce 55,000 lumens of light in the flowering chamber without excessive heat and power draw typical of HID lamps

    The vegetative chamber uses a full spectrum fluorescent bulb, ideal for propagating and vegetative growth. This chamber holds a 3.5 inch pot that houses a mother plant plus 12 additional baskets for newly propagated plants. The removable clone tray allows clones or seedlings to be placed as close to the bulb as needed.

    The flowering chamber uses a fully enclosed air cooled 400 watt H.P.S. bulb ideal for flowering. It has its own independent exhaust system that allows the heat created from the H.P.S. bulb to be exhausted from the unit immediately. This chamber houses six 5 inch pots that deliver a superb yield.

  • Long Lasting 400 WATT HPS
    - High Pressure Sodium HPS light is standard.
    - right out of the box
    - Electronics are pre-assembled
    - All attachment points with built-in nuts; a simple screwdriver is all that's needed
    - Entire system is shipped ready to assemble and plug into any 110 volt 15 amp circuit

  • SIZE
    - Compact and convenient
    - On casters and lightweight, so it's easy to place and move
    - Place it anywhere - kitchen, basement, walk-in closet or garage.

    - 24/7 operation ensures continuous high-level production year-round
    - Propagate, vegetate and flower simultaneously in separate chambers

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